For each artist list the artist name and the first and last name (together in one column) of…

For each artist list the artist name and the first and last name (together in one column) of every member associated with that artist followed on the next line by a count of the number of members associated with that artist. Include all artists whether they have members or not.

12. Use a correlated sub-query and EXISTS to list all genres that do not have recorded titles.

13. List the artist id and the artist name of all artist who has members not in USA.


DROP TABLES IF EXISTS Artists,Genre, Members, Titles, Tracks,SalesPeople,Studios,XrefArtistsMembers;
DROP TABLES IF EXISTS Authors,Publishers,Titles,Title_Authors,Royalties;
DROP TABLES IF EXISTS Products,Customers,Orders,Order_details;
DROP TABLES IF EXISTS Students, Enrollnment;

ArtistID int,
ArtistName varchar (50) NOT NULL ,
City varchar (25) NULL ,
Region varchar (15) NULL ,
Country varchar (20) NULL ,
WebAddress varchar (40) NULL ,
EntryDate date NULL ,
LeadSource varchar (10) NULL

Insert Into Artists Values(1,’The Neurotics’,’Peterson’,’NC’,’USA’,’’,’2003-05-14′,’Directmail’);
Insert Into Artists Values(2,’Louis Holiday’,’Clinton’,’IL’,’USA’ ,NULL,’2003-06-03′,’Directmail’);
Insert Into Artists Values(3,’Word’,’Anderson’,’IN’,’USA’,NULL,’2003-06-08′,’Email’);
Insert Into Artists Values(5,’Sonata’,’Alexandria’,’VA’,’USA’,’’,’2003-06-08′,’Ad’);
Insert Into Artists Values(10,’The Bullets’,’Alverez’,’TX’,’USA’,NULL,’2003-08-10′,’Email’);
Insert Into Artists Values(14,’Jose MacArthur’,’Santa Rosa’,’CA’,’USA’,’’,’2003-08-17′,’Ad’);
Insert Into Artists Values(15,’Confused’,’Tybee Island’,’GA’,’USA’,Null,’2003-09-14′,’Directmail’);
Insert Into Artists Values(17,’The Kicks’,’New Rochelle’,’NY’,’USA’,NULL,’2003-12-03′,’Ad’);
Insert Into Artists Values(16,’Today’,’London’,’ONT’,’Canada’,’’,’2003-10-07′,’Email’);
Insert Into Artists Values(18,’21 West Elm’,’Alamaba’,’VT’,’USA’,’’,’2003-02-05′,’Ad’);
Insert Into Artists Values(11,’Highlander’,’Columbus’,’OH’,’USA’,NULL,’2002-08-10′,’Email’);

Genre varchar (15)

Insert into Genre Values(‘alternative’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘classical’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘jazz’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘metal’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘R&B’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘rap’);
Insert into Genre Values(‘pop’);

MemberID int ,
FirstName varchar (25) NULL ,
LastName varchar (25) NULL ,
Address varchar (60) NULL ,
City varchar (25) NULL ,
Region varchar (15) NULL ,
PostalCode varchar (10) NULL ,
Country varchar (20) NULL ,
HomePhone varchar (16) NULL ,
WorkPhone varchar (16) NULL ,
EMail varchar (40) NULL ,
Gender char (1) NULL ,
Birthday date NULL ,
SalesID smallint NULL

Insert Into Members Values(10,’Roberto’,’Alvarez’,’Rt 1′,’Anderson’,’IN’,’46019′,’USA’,’7651552983′,’7651628837′,’’,’M’,’1968-01-18′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(31,’Jose’,’MacArthur’,’51444 Vine’,’Santa Rosa’,’CA’,’99999′,’USA’,’6331289393′,Null,’’,’M’,’1978-06-24′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(13,’Mary’,’Chrisman’,’1772 East 117th’,’Fishers’,’IN’,’46123′,’USA’,’3171820387′,Null,’’,’F’,’1973-03-01′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(15,’Warren’,’Boyer’,’167 Alamo Dr’,’Alverez’,’TX’,’75601′,’USA’,’8221722883′,Null,’’,’M’,’1969-04-19′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(32,’Doug’,’Finney’,’2020 Dubois’,’Savannah’,’GA’,’30003′,’USA’,’9821222929′,Null,’’,’M’,’1963-08-04′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(19,’Terry’,’Irving’,’18a 7th St’,’Tybee Island’,’GA’,’30004′,’USA’,’5411252093′,Null,Null,’M’,’1959-06-22′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(21,’Michelle’,’Henderson’,’201 Bonaventure’,’Savannah’,’GA’,’30005′,’USA’,’8221928273′,Null,Null,’F’,’1964-03-15′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(34,’William’,’Morrow’,’PO Box 1882′,’New Rochelle’,’NY’,’10014′,’USA’,’9981722928′,Null,’’,’M’,’1965-03-17′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(29,’Frank’,’Payne’,’5412 Clinton’,’New Rochelle’,’NY’,’10014′,’USA’,’9981737464′,Null,Null,’M’,’1960-01-17′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(35,’Aiden’,’Franks’,’167 East 38th’,’Alverez’,’TX’,’75601′,’USA’,’8321729283′,’8321723833′,’’,’M’,’1983-09-02′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(3,’Bryce’,’Sanders’,’PO Box 1292′,’Peterson’,’NC’,’27104′,’USA’,’6441824283′,Null,’’,’M’,’1966-06-11′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(14,’Carol’,’Wanner’,’787 Airport Rd’,’Alverez’,’TX’,’75601′,’USA’,’6831223944′,Null,Null,’F’,’1978-11-08′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(33,’Brian’,’Ranier’,’23 Gregory Lane’,’London’,’ONT’,’M6Y 2Y7 ‘,’Canada’,’6231842933′,Null,Null,’M’,’1957-10-19′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(7,’Marcellin’,’Lambert’,’142 Sample Rd’,’Alexandria’,’VA’,’20102′,’USA’,’8331929302′,Null,’’,’M’,’1959-11-14′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(8,’Caroline’,’Kale’,’1515 Stone Church Rd’,’Allen’,’VA’,’20321′,’USA’,’7321223742′,Null,Null,’F’,’1956-05-30′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(9,’Kerry’,’Fernandez’,’15 Midway’,’Lynchberg’,’VA’,’21223′,’USA’,’2211229384′,’2211223939′,Null,’M’,’1962-01-16′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(26,’Tony’,’Wong’,’115 Maple St’,’McKensie’,’ONT’,’M8H 3T1′,’Canada’,’3311692832′,’3311692822′,’’,’M’,’1955-11-01′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(18,’Bonnie’,’Taft’,’RR4′,’Alamaba’,’VT’,’05303′,’USA’,’3721223292′,Null,’’,’F’,’1960-09-21′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(20,’Louis’,’Holiday’,’15 Davis Ct’,’Clinton’,’IL’,’63882′,’USA’,’1451223838′,Null,Null,’M’,’1969-07-27′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(22,’Bobby’,’Crum’,’RR2′,’Pine’,’VT’,’05412′,’USA’,’1831828211′,Null,Null,’M’,’1965-06-10′,3);
Insert Into Members Values(28,’Vic’,’Cleaver’,’100 Maple’,’Reston’,’VT’,’05544′,’USA’,’8111839292′,Null,Null,’M’,’1957-02-10′,2);
Insert Into Members Values(30,’Roberto’,’Goe’,’14 Gray Rd’,’Columbus’,’OH’,’48110′,’USA’,’2771123943′,Null,Null,’M’,’1967-09-12′,1);
Insert Into Members Values(36,’Davis’,’Goodman’,’2020 Country Rd’,’Columbus’,’OH’,’48318′,’USA’,’2771152882′,’2771128833′,’’,’M’,’1980-10-27′,2);

CREATE TABLE SalesPeople (
SalesID smallint ,
FirstName varchar (20) NOT NULL ,
LastName varchar (20) NOT NULL ,
Initials varchar (3) NULL ,
Base decimal(5,2) NULL,
Supervisor smallint NUll

Insert into SalesPeople Values(1,’Bob’,’Bentley’,’bbb’,100,4);
Insert into SalesPeople Values(2,’Lisa’,’Williams’,’lmw’,300,4);
Insert into SalesPeople Values(3,’Clint’,’Sanchez’,’cls’,100,1);
Insert into SalesPeople Values(4,’Scott’,’Bull’,’sjb’,Null, Null);

StudioID int,
StudioName varchar (40) NULL ,
Address varchar (60) NULL ,
City varchar (25) NULL ,
Region varchar (15) NULL ,
PostalCode varchar (10) NULL ,
Country varchar (20) NULL ,
WebAddress varchar (40) NULL ,
Contact varchar (50) NULL ,
EMail varchar (40) NULL ,
Phone varchar (16) NULL ,
SalesID smallint NULL

Insert Into Studios Values(1,’MakeTrax’,’3000 S St Rd 9′,’Anderson’,’IN’,’46012′,’USA’,’’,’Gardner Roberts’,’’,’7651223000′,3);
Insert Into Studios Values(2,’Lone Star Recording’,’PO Box 221′,’Davis’,’TX’,’76382′,’USA’,’’,’Manuel Austin’,’’,’8821993748′,2);
Insert Into Studios Values(3,’Pacific Rim’,’681 PCH’,’Santa Theresa’,’CA’,’99320′,’USA’,’’,’Harry Lee’,’’,’3811110033′,2);

TitleID int ,
ArtistID int NULL ,
Title varchar (50) NULL ,
StudioID int NULL ,
UPC varchar (13) NULL ,
Genre varchar (15) NULL

Insert Into Titles Values(1,1,’Meet the Neurotics’,1,’2727366627′,’alternative’);
Insert Into Titles Values(3,15,’Smell the Glove’,2,’1283772282′,’metal’);
Insert Into Titles Values(4,10,’Time Flies’,3,’1882344222′,’alternative’);
Insert Into Titles Values(5,1,’Neurotic Sequel’,1,’2828830202′,’alternative’);
Insert Into Titles Values(6,5,’Sonatas’,2,’3999320021′,’classical’);
Insert Into Titles Values(7,2,’Louis at the Keys’,3,’3838227111′,’jazz’);

TitleID int NOT NULL ,
TrackNum smallint NOT NULL ,
TrackTitle varchar (50) NULL ,
LengthSeconds smallint NULL ,
MP3 smallint NULL ,
RealAud smallint NULL

Insert Into Tracks Values(4,1,’Bob”s Dream’,185,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,3,’Third”s Folly’,352,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,2,’My Wizard’,233,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,1,’Fat Cheeks’,352,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,1,’Hottie’,233,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,2,’Goodtime March’,293,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,3,’TV Day’,305,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,4,’Call Me an Idiot’,315,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,5,’25’,402,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,6,’Palm’,322,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,7,’Front Door’,192,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(1,8,’Where”s the Rain’,175,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,2,’Rocky and Natasha’,283,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,3,’Dweeb’,273,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,4,’Funky Town’,252,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,5,’Shoes’,182,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,6,’Time In – In Time’,129,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(6,1,’Violin Sonata No. 1 in D Major’,511,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(6,2,’Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Major’,438,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(6,3,’Violin Sonata No. 4 in E Minor’,821,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(6,4,’Piano Sonata No. 1′,493,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(6,5,’Clarinet Sonata in E Flat’,399,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,1,’Song 1′,285,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,2,’Song 2′,272,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,3,’Song 3′,299,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,4,’Song 4′,201,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,5,’Song 5′,198,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,6,’Song 6′,254,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,7,’Song 7′,303,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,8,’Song 8′,230,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(5,9,’Song 8 and 1/2′,45,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,1,’I Don”t Know’,201,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,2,’What”s the Day’,332,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,3,’Sirius’,287,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,4,’Hamburger Blues’,292,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,5,’Road Trip’,314,1,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,6,’Meeting You’,321,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,7,’Improv 34′,441,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(7,8,’Hey’,288,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,4,’Leather’,185,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,5,’Hot Cars Cool Nights’,192,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,6,’Music in You’,204,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,7,’Don”t Care About Time’,221,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,8,’Kiss’,218,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,9,’Pizza Box’,183,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(4,10,’Goodbye’,240,1,1);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,7,’Wooden Man’,314,0,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,8,’UPS’,97,0,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,9,’Empty’,182,0,0);
Insert Into Tracks Values(3,10,’Burrito’,65,0,0);

CREATE TABLE XrefArtistsMembers (
MemberID int NOT NULL ,
ArtistID int NOT NULL ,
RespParty smallint NOT NULL

Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(20,2,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(31,14,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(3,1,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(10,3,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(13,3,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(7,5,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(8,5,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(9,5,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(32,15,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(19,15,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(21,15,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(34,17,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(29,17,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(15,10,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(35,10,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(14,10,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(33,16,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(26,16,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(18,18,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(28,18,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(22,18,0);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(30,11,1);
Insert into XrefArtistsMembers Values(36,11,0);

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