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  1. Read the passage from “Winter Storms: The Deceptive Killers.” 

    SNOW SQUALLS: Brief, intense snow showers accompanied by strong, gusty winds.

    Based on the context and your understanding of the subject, which identifies the bestdefinition for the technical term squalls?

    A pattern of rainfall

    A device for measuring precipitation

    A sudden, violent storm

2 points  


  1. Which identifies and explains the final step in preparing an emergency plan?

    Meet with family members; it’s important that everyone understands the plan.

    Implement your plan; it’s important to make sure that each step works as planned.

    Practice your plan; practicing the plan is the only way to ensure mastery.

2 points  


  1. Review the story event.

    When the narrator and his brother replace the Duvitches’ fish with the fish that they have caught, Mr. Duvitch reacts very emotionally. The narrator sees the similarities between Mr. Duvitch and his own father and realizes that Mr. Duvitch is a kind person who does not deserve scorn. 

    Which best identifies the element of plot represented by this event?

2 points  


  1. Which best describes the falling action of a story?

    The series of events in a story that builds interest or suspense

    A dissolving of the tension and suspense that occurs after the story’s climax

    The story’s point of highest action or its turning point

2 points  


  1. Which identifies the main conflict in “Thank You M’am” and explains how it is resolved?

    The main conflict is that Mrs. Jones is walking home alone at night; it is resolved when Roger comes up from behind and tries to steal her purse.

2 points  


  1. Which best defines a universal theme in literature?

    It is the moral of a story.

    It is the resolution to the climax of a short story.

    It is a theme that applies to anyone, anywhere.

2 points  


  1. How does the villagers’ rejection of Jean Valjean influence the plot of “The Convict and the Bishop”?

    The villagers’ rejection of Valjean leads him to his meeting with the bishop.

    The villagers’ rejection of Valjean does not help shape the plot of the story.

    The villagers’ rejection of Valjean leads him to repent and never commit a crime again.

2 points  


  1. Read this passage.

    The man bowed his head, picked up his knapsack, and went out. He walked at random, slinking near the houses like a sad and humiliated man. He did not once turn around. If he had, he would have seen the innkeeper standing in his doorway, with all his guests and the passers-by gathered around him.

    Which identifies the mood of this passage and explains how this mood develops the meaning of the passage?

    The mood is suspicious. The reader knows that a conflict has begun and that something terrible will happen to either Valjean or the townspeople. The mood reinforces the conflict and creates suspense.

    The mood is sad and ashamed. The reader identifies with Valjean and his struggles. The mood helps the reader to connect with Valjean and makes the bishop’s compassion later on more powerful and poignant.

    The mood is angry. After experiencing this injustice, the reader is angry and exhausted along with Valjean. The mood creates tension and prepares the reader for the conflict that is about to occur.

2 points  


  1. Read the passage.

    Just as the bishop entered, Madame Magloire was talking of fastening the front door. It seemed that while she was out getting things for supper, she had heard news that suspicious looking vagabond was lurking somewhere in town.

    Which best describes the portrayal of Madame Magloire in this passage from “The Convict and the Bishop”?

    It relies on alliteration to show how trustworthy she is.

    It uses hyperbole to exaggerate her kind and generous nature.

    It relies on a stereotype that highlights her unpleasant characteristics.

2 points  


  1. Which best explains how the residents of Syringa Street treat the Duvitches?

    They comment negatively on the way the Duvitch family behaves in public.

    They celebrate the new diversity in their neighborhood.

    They stereotype the Duvtiches because they are foreign and of limited means.

2 points  


  1. What conclusion can you draw about Jean Valjean from “The Convict and the Bishop”?

    Jean Valjean will fall back into a life of crime.

    Jean Valjean has learned the importance of compassion and generosity from the bishop and will become a good man.

    Jean Valjean will not last long and will quickly be recaptured.

2 points  


  1. Which best describes how the author used irony to create meaning in “The Convict and the Bishop”?

    After experiencing injustice in the prison, Valjean continues to experience injustice in society. This illustrates that injustice is widespread. This is ironic because it references the theme.

    The bishop opens his doors to Valjean, knowing that Valjean will most likely steal from him. This is ironic because the bishop knows what will happen but does it anyway.

    The bishop refuses to listen to anyone else and allows Valjean to stay in his home. This is ironic because, while everyone else knows what to expect, the bishop remains ignorant. The bishop’s ignorance enables Valjean to steal from him and sets up the conflict.

2 points  


  1. Read the passage from “The Strangers That Came to Town” carefully.

    The Duvitches had moved on and were now fishing in a small arm of the
    pond just below us. They had their back to us and were almost out of sight.

    Tom and I, our glances meeting over the big cake of soap in my hand, were similarly and wickedly tempted. We held a brief, whispered conversation. Then, egged on by Tom and
    quite willing on my own, I played a shameful trick on the Duvitches. Without considering further, I dropped the cake of soap into the tub of fish.

    How does this scene develop the plot of the story?

    This scene introduces the reader to the central conflict of the story.

    This scene creates tension and builds towards the story’s climax.

    This scene resolves the central conflict and brings the story towards resolution.

2 points  


  1. Read the passage from “The Convict and the Bishop”:

    It would have been hard to find a passer-by more wretched in appearance.

    Whichbest analyzes how this description of Valjean contributes to the plot of the story?

    Valjean’s appearance makes the villagers feel sorry for him; this adds to the rising action.

    Valjean’s physical appearance has very little to do with the plot of the story; it has no impact on the plot.

    Valjean’s appearance causes the villagers to put their complete trust in him; this leads to a resolution.

2 points  


  1. Read the passage from “The Convict and the Bishop.”

    He continued solemnly, “Jean Valjean, my brother, you belong no longer to evil, but to good. It is your soul that I am buying for you. I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God.”

    Which theme is developed in this passage?

    You should hope for the best in people, but expect the worst.

    Compassion and mercy are the greatest gifts you can give your fellow man.

    Criminal acts will always be discovered.

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