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Readings in Shakespeare’s major comedies, tragedies, histories, romances and/or poems.

Course Overview

This course offers an introduction to some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays and to the field of Shakespeare Studies. It was designed by a group of faculty at ASU to fully take advantage of the online environment. Through close analysis of the plays the course will offer students insight into Shakespeare’s works and the culture of his time. Students will learn to read the plays in their historical contexts and analyze their significance for our own culture and time. The course is also designed to develop skills of critical reading, writing and thinking through literary analysis.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Read Shakespeare’s plays with some fluency.
  • Analyze what they read in the cultural context of Renaissance England.
  • Describe and compare themes that occur in many of the plays.
  • Interpret the historical and contemporary meanings of the plays.

Course Topics, Schedule, & Grading

Each assignment submitted for this class must consist of original work never before submitted for a grade. Students are not allowed to resubmit papers that they wrote for another course or for a different section of this course. Syllabus is subject to change.

Grade Breakdown

Paper #1 25%

Paper #2 25%

Final Exam 10%

Lecture Quizzes 10%

Discussionboards 20%

Activity boards 10%





















60 – 69.9%


Below 60%

Grading Procedure:
Grades reflect your performance on assignments and adherence to deadlines. All papers will be graded on both form (clarity, grammar, and organization) and content (a narrow, refined thesis supported by a detailed analysis of the text(s)). Graded assignments will be available via the Gradebook; assignment portals include instructions and descriptions of assignments.

Communicating With the Instructor

This course uses a discussion board called “Hallway Conversations” for general questions about the course. Prior to posting a question, please check the syllabus, announcements, and existing posts. If you do not find an answer, post your question. You are encouraged to respond to the questions of your classmates.

Email questions of a personal nature to your instructor. You can expect a response within 48 hours.

Online Course

This is an online course. There are no face-to-face meetings.

Email and Internet

ASU email is an official means of communicationLinks to an external site. among students, faculty, and staff. Students are expected to read and act upon email in a timely fashion. Students bear the responsibility of missed messages and should check their ASU-assigned email regularly.

All instructor correspondence will be sent to your ASU email account.

Course Time Commitment

This three-credit course requires approximately 135 hours of work. Please expect to spend around 18 hours each week preparing for and actively participating in this course.

Late or Missed Assignments

Notify the instructor BEFORE an assignment is due if an urgent situation arises and the assignment will not be submitted on time. Published assignment due dates (Arizona Mountain Standard time) are firm. Please follow the appropriate University policies to request an accommodation for religious practicesLinks to an external site. or to accommodate a missed assignment due to University-sanctioned activitiesLinks to an external site.. With advance notification, late assignments (with the exception of discussion board responses) will be accepted no later than 48 hours after the due date, with a grade penalty (1 point/day for initial discussion posts; 7 points/day for papers). The exams must be completed on the assigned day.

Submitting Assignments

All assignments, unless otherwise announced, MUST be submitted to the designated area of the course shell. Do not submit an assignment via email unless you have no other recourse.

Drop and Add Dates/Withdrawals

This course adheres to a compressed schedule and may be part of a sequenced program, therefore, there is a limited timeline to drop or add the courseLinks to an external site.. Consult with your advisor and notify your instructor to add or drop this course. If you are considering a withdrawal, review the following ASU policies: Withdrawal from ClassesLinks to an external site., Medical/Compassionate WithdrawalLinks to an external site., and a Grade of IncompleteLinks to an external site..

Grade Appeals

Grade disputes must first be addressed by discussing the situation with the instructor. If the dispute is not resolved with the instructor, the student may appeal to the department chair per the University Policy for Student Appeal Procedures on GradesLinks to an external site..

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

ASU expects and requires its students to act with honesty, integrity, and respect. Required behavior standards are listed in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary ProceduresLinks to an external site., Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications policyLinks to an external site., ASU Student Academic Integrity PolicyLinks to an external site., and outlined by the Office of Student Rights & ResponsibilitiesLinks to an external site.. Anyone in violation of these policies is subject to sanctions.

If you use another author’s words or ideas in your papers, you must cite your source. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism, which has very serious consequences in this academic community. Please refer to the ASU Student Code of Conduct above.

Students are entitled to receive instruction free from interferenceLinks to an external site. by other members of the class. An instructor may withdraw a student from the course when the student’s behavior disrupts the educational process per Instructor Withdrawal of a Student for Disruptive Classroom BehaviorLinks to an external site..

Appropriate online behavior (also knows as netiquette) is defined by the instructor and includes keeping course discussion posts focused on the assigned topics. Students must maintain a cordial atmosphere and use tact in expressing differences of opinion. Inappropriate discussion board posts may be deleted by the instructor.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities accepts incident reportsLinks to an external site. from students, faculty, staff, or other persons who believe that a student or a student organization may have violated the Student Code of Conduct.

Prohibition of Commercial Note Taking Services

In accordance with ACD 304-06 Commercial Note Taking ServicesLinks to an external site., written permission must be secured from the official instructor of the class in order to sell the instructor’s oral communication in the form of notes. Notes must have the notetaker’s name as well as the instructor’s name, the course number, and the date.

Course Evaluation

Students are expected to complete the course evaluation. The feedback provides valuable information to the instructor and the college and is used to improve student learning. Students are notified when the online evaluation form is available.

Syllabus Disclaimer

The syllabus is a statement of intent and serves as an implicit agreement between the instructor and the student. Every effort will be made to avoid changing the course schedule but the possibility exists that unforeseen events will make syllabus changes necessary. Please remember to check your ASU email and the course site often.

Accessibility Statement

In compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADAAA) of 2008, professional disability specialists and support staff at the Disability Resource Center (DRC) facilitate a comprehensive range of academic support services and accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.

Qualified students with disabilities may be eligible to receive academic support services and accommodationsLinks to an external site.. Eligibility is based on qualifying disability documentation and assessment of individual need. Students who believe they have a current and essential need for disability accommodations are responsible for requesting accommodations and providing qualifying documentationLinks to an external site. to the DRC. Every effort is made to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.

Qualified students who wish to request an accommodation for a disability should contact the DRC by going to https://eoss.asu.edu/drcLinks to an external site., calling (480) 965-1234 or emailing DRC@asu.edu. To speak with a specific office, please use the following information:

Tempe Campus
480-965-1234 (Voice)

Polytechnic Campus
480-727-1165 (Voice)

West Campus
University Center Building (UCB), Room 130
602-543-8145 (Voice)

Downtown Phoenix Campus and ASU Online
University Center Building, Suite 160
602-496-4321 (Voice)

Computer Requirements

This course requires Internet access and the following:

Technical Support

This course uses Blackboard to deliver content. It can be accessed through MyASU at http://my.asu.edLinks to an external site.u.

To monitor the status of campus networks and services, visit the System Health Portal at http://syshealth.asu.edu/Links to an external site..

To contact the help desk you have two options:

Student Success

This is an online course. To be successful:

  • check the course daily
  • read announcements
  • read and respond to course email messages as needed
  • complete assignments by the due dates specified
  • communicate regularly with your instructor and peers
  • create a study and/or assignment schedule to stay on track

University Academic Success Programs at ASU offer the following services to ASU Online students:

Writing Tutoring: One-on-one appointment-based online writing tutoring is available to students in any course and at any stage of the writing process. Students meet with tutors in real time online using Adobe Connect. Rather than correct papers for students, writing tutors will review documents and dialogue with students about common errors and areas for revision. The center is open Sundays-Thursdays with appointments available between the hours of 2pm and 10pm.

Academic Mentoring: Using Adobe Connect, academic mentors meet in real time with students one-on-one for a personalized approach to improving academic skills such as time management, blackboard reviews, test preparation, and more.

The schedules for online writing and academic mentors, along with information on how students can make and attend appointments, can be found online at https://tutoring.asu.edu/online-tutoringLinks to an external site..

Tentative Schedule:

Week 1: Shakespeare’s World

  • Introduction discussion board (due Thursday, March 11)
  • Shakespeare’s World Lecture and Quiz (due Sunday, March 14)

Week 2: Titus Andronicus

  • Listen to Titus Andronicus lecture and take quiz (due Thursday, March 18)
  • Make four posts to the Titus discussion board (due Sunday, March 21)
  • Make one post to the Titus activity board (due Sunday, March 21)

Week 3: Hamlet

  • Listen to Hamlet lecture and take quiz (due Thursday, March 25)
  • Make four posts to the Hamlet discussion board (due Sunday, March 28)
  • Make one post to the Hamlet activity board (due Sunday, March 28)

Week 4: Henry IV, part I

  • Listen to Henry IV, Part I lecture and take quiz (due Thursday, April 1)
  • Make four posts to the Henry IV, Part I discussion board (due Sunday, April 4)
  • Pitch your topic and respond to 3 of your peers on the Paper 1: Topic Ideation discussion board (April 4

Week 5: Research and Writing

  • Offer one post on the Best Practices discussion board (due Thursday, April 8)
  • Make two posts on Yellowdig research board (due Thursday, April 11)
  • Submit Paper #1 on Sunday, April 11

Week 6: Twelfth Night

  • Listen to Twelfth Night lecture and take quiz (due Thursday, April 15)
  • Make four posts to the Twelfth Night discussion board (due April 18)
  • Make one post to the Twelfth Night activity board (due Sunday, April 18)

Week 7: The Tempest

  • Listen to The Tempest lecture and take quiz (due Thursday, April 22)
  • Make four posts to The Tempest discussion board (due Sunday, April 25)
  • Add one post to the Practice Questions discussion board (due Sunday, April 25)


  • Final exam available from Saturday, April 24 to Tuesday, April 27
  • Project #2 due by Tuesday, April 27. This is a firm final due date because grades must be entered by the following Monday.

Course Summary:




Thu Mar 11, 2021

Assignment Academic Integrity Agreement

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Introductions

due by 11:59pm

Sun Mar 14, 2021

Assignment Shakespeare’s World Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Thu Mar 18, 2021

Assignment Titus Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Sun Mar 21, 2021

Assignment Titus Activity Board

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Titus Discussion

due by 11:59pm

Thu Mar 25, 2021

Assignment Hamlet Lecture Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Sun Mar 28, 2021

Assignment Hamlet Activity Board

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Hamlet Discussion Board

due by 11:59pm

Thu Apr 1, 2021

Assignment Henry IV, Part I Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Sun Apr 4, 2021

Assignment Henry IV, Part I Discussion Board

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Topic Check

due by 11:59pm

Thu Apr 8, 2021

Assignment Best Practices Discussion Board

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Yellowdig Assignment

due by 11:59pm

Sun Apr 11, 2021

Assignment Paper #1: Researched Analysis

due by 11:59pm

Thu Apr 15, 2021

Assignment Twelfth Night Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Sun Apr 18, 2021

Assignment Twelfth Night Activity Board

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Twelfth Night Discussion Board

due by 11:59pm

Thu Apr 22, 2021

Assignment Practice Questions

due by 11:59pm

Assignment The Tempest Quiz

due by 11:59pm

Sun Apr 25, 2021

Assignment The Tempest Discussion

due by 11:59pm

Tue Apr 27, 2021

Assignment Final Exam

due by 11:59pm

Assignment Paper #2: Performance Analysis or Teaching Unit

due by 11:59pm

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